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Playground Surface

Next to pets, kids cause the most wear and tear to your lawn. We want our kids to play outside though! A synthetic turf playground offers a solution. Your turf will look green consistently and stand up to even the roughest play.

Synthetic turf is non-toxic, free of allergens, and antimicrobial so that you can rest assured that your children and their friends are safe during playtime. If desired we can install 1" or 2’’ playground pads underneath our synthetic turf, so falls and slips are gently cushioned. Our synthetic turf is also fully ADA/ABA compliant, so you don’t have to worry about crutches or wheelchairs sinking into the ground and getting stuck.

There’s also the option to add some fun, colorful features to your lawn to encourage sensory development. We can add custom elements to your lawn if, for instance, you want a bright yellow bee or a synthetic Hopscotch game. We can help make your yard the best place for playdates and family reunions.

STI has secured IPEMA certifications for five SoftLawn® Playground systems.Our systems already exceeded national safety standards. But we believe it is important to seek and obtain third party verification.


Benefits of Synthetic Turf Playgrounds

  • IPEMA Certified Safety Surface Systems
  • Soft and safe for kids with fall zone safety ratings to 12’
  • ADA/ABA accessible play surfaces
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Lush natural look and fresh cut appearance
  • Eliminates grass and other environmental allergies
  • No need for harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides
  • Clean and can be cleaned, unlike other alternatives
  • Consistent performance over long periods of time and use
  • Promotes sensory development