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Native Plant Lovers in Normandy Park

Normandy Park, Seattle

  • Synthetic Lawns

These lovely homeowners approached Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound with a common Pacific Northwest problem; they can't grow grass! They loved their native plants, bushes, and flowers, however many of their beloved trees and shrubs blocked the sun so completely that large swaths of their lawn were reduced to mud. The grass that did grow was difficult to maintain and cutting it with a mower created a swampy mess. They loved outdoor hosting and were known for their annual tiki parties, but felt that their space had become unusable and were worried that their guests were going to ruin their shoes. 

Our Softest NW Turf

Our clients chose SoftLawn® Northwest Blend, they loved how similar it looked to the native grass that was already in their lawn minus the mud and maintenance problems. We agreed that our synthetic turf, Northwest Blend was a great choice as it holds up fantastic to heavy use while still having a soft feel. We worked closely with the clients to ensure that the turf was cut in a way that matched the original curves of their old yard. It was important to them that the artificial turf look as natural as possible.


  • SoftLawn® Northwest Blend
  • Snap Edge Edging
  • EnviroFill
  • 5/8ths Minus Crushed Rock
  • 3oz Non-woven Weed Barrier