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Low Maintenance Lake Retreat

Lakewood, WA

  • Synthetic Lawns

Our client in Lakewood approached us in hopes of finding a low-maintenance lawn solution that incorporated her existing pavers. She was worried that she might have to remove them for her installation and was so relieved when we told her that we work around pavers all the time. We have many clients with existing hardscape or permanent landscaping elements and we are always happy to incorporate them into the project if that is the client's wish. Since her backdoor opened directly onto the lawn, she was also hoping that the turf would also help cut down on the mess and water tracked in. 

After consideration, our client chose SoftLawn® Fresh Zoysia, one of our favorite products. It is the perfect low-maintenance product for a backyard application such as hers. Fresh Zoysia has a beautiful olive green tone that looks so natural and has a soft texture for those that like to go barefoot. Our client was very pleased with how seamlessly her pavers were incorporated into her new yard and loved how the turf leads you down to the boathouse. She found that water and mess coming in through the backdoor had been greatly decreased and has been enjoying her easy to care for yard ever since


  • SoftLawn® Fresh Zoysia
  • Snap Edge Edging
  • EnviroFill
  • 5/8ths Minus Crushed Rock
  • 3oz Non-woven Weed Barrier