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Clyde Hill Bellevue Synthetic Turf Installation

Bellevue, WA

  • Synthetic Lawns

Clyde Hill Bellevue Synthetic Turf Installation: A Green Choice for Locals

When homeowners in the Clyde Hill Bellevue area consider landscaping upgrades, many are turning to sustainable options. One project we're especially proud of showcases this trend, utilizing some of the best products available.

1. NW Blend Turf Choice:
For residents wanting the best blend that mimics our unique Pacific Northwest grasses, NW Blend Turf is a top pick. This artificial grass option not only looks and feels like the real thing but is also a durable choice for those living in the Greater Seattle region.

2. Child-Safe Infills – Bellevue's Best with Envirofill 12/20:
For Washington families looking for child-safe turf solutions, Envirofill 12/20 stands out. This infill is non-toxic and kid-friendly, ensuring that homeowners in Clyde Hill and neighboring Bellevue areas have a safe outdoor play space for their children.

3. SnapEdge – Bellevue's Choice for Natural-Looking Turf Edges:
A frequent challenge with artificial turf installations in Bellevue is achieving that natural finish. Thanks to SnapEdge, NW homeowners can now enjoy a artificial turf project that has a flowy, seamless edge, akin to the lush lawns we often admire in the Pacific Northwest.

4. Sustainable Landscaping in Clyde Hill, Bellevue & Kirkland:
In line with the eco-friendly initiatives of many Clyde Hill residents, this project didn’t stop at the turf. The homeowner, deeply rooted in local sustainability efforts, also integrated solar panels, echoing the sentiments of many in Bellevue aiming to reduce their water and energy footprint.


  • SoftLawn® Northwest Blend Turf
  • SnapEdge
  • EnviroFill 12/20
  • 5/8 Clean Crushed Rock
  • 3oz Non-woven Weed Barrier