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How much does a putting green cost?

Price Range

Our most asked question is “how does a putting green cost”? The answer is that it truly varies from green to green. However, most putting green installation will cost anywhere from $18-26 a square foot depending on what type of design you are looking for. If you're interested in a smaller, basic synthetic grass golf green then you’re most likely going to be on the lower end for cost. Other factors that play a role in cost of artificial grass putting greens is the size of project, scope of undulations desired and access to the work site. If you’re the type of golfer that wants multiple pile height fringes, a rough, bunkers and a significant undulations and base work you’re probably going to have a more expensive overall project. Putting green artificial grass cost per square foot is determined with an in-person consultation.


We also sometimes get requests on just purchasing our favorite putting green turf; NP50 since we are the exclusive dealer for NP50 in the Northwest. Many of our clients are game for a DIY putting green and are interested in how to build a putting green. We are always happy to help with these requests and commend anyone who would take on the project themselves! Building a synthetic putting green at home can be a challenging yet rewarding project for anyone looking to take on the ambitious task. Putting greens are, however, require the most detail of any artificial grass project. Creating a proper sub-base and grading golf green undulations is an important part of the process. Seaming putting green turf can also be challenging due to it's short pile height. There are also unlimited design choices you can make with putting greens including using multiple pile heights of turf as the fringe, creating golf green tiers, sand traps or using bunker turf which is made to emulate the look and feel of a sand trap without the maintenance.

Contact Us

While we can’t tell you in this post how much exactly your synthetic grass putting green is going to cost, we are always available to give consultations and provide free in-person estimates. We know that putting green cost can be a major deciding factor before starting a project and we always strive to provide quality putting green installations while still offering affordable pricing. We've installed putting greens all over the northwest and whether your in Tacoma, Gig Harbor or Kirkland we'd be happy to help with your synthetic turf backyard golf green.