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Benefits of Fake Grass Maintenance

Maintaining your new synthetic lawn should be a breeze.

This also means you can sell the mower and get used to a green space all year around. You’ll also save time and money by not needing to mow and reducing your water bill and water consumption. Here are a few things to keep in mind after your synthetic turf installation is completed;

Debris Cleanup on Synthetic Turf Lawn

If your yard is surrounded by a landscape that drops pine needles, leaves or other debris we suggest investing in a good blower. Debris tends to stand out more on synthetic turf since it’s so uniform in color and height. By simply blowing off your synthetic turf project when needed you’ll be able manage and care for the space appropriately. Power brooming artificial grass is also very effective in removing foliage that's embedded itself into the turf.

Artificial Grass Weeds

During our artificial lawn installation and pet turf installations we typically lay down a geotextile landscape fabric below the sub base. This acts as a soil/ sub base separator and also helps to keep weed growth under the turf at bay. Stubborn weeds can grow in the crushed rock sub base and pop through one of the perforated drain holes in the turf backing, though this is rare. More commonly, seeds might land on top of the turf and sprout a weed, these are easy to pick up and remove. Weed growth can also occur around the perimeter, where the turf stops and meets the natural edge of the yard. Treating the turf with a 50/50 mixture of water/ vinegar 2x per year is good practice. Focus on the edges. Alternatively, your favorite weed treatment should not damage your artificial grass.

Cleaning Pet Turf

It’s good practice to pick up after your pet and rinse your artificial turf project regularly, especially during the hot summer months. Our synthetic turf drains well for pets but using a hose can help to keep any unwanted pet smells at bay. Enzyme cleaners for pet turf are a great investment to keep a clean and sanitary environment. We recommend either ProVetLogic or OxyTurf. Both can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

High Traffic Areas

The areas of your synthetic turf project that are most commonly foot trafficked will tend to show more wear over long periods of time. Using a stiff bristled shop broom and pushing against the turf’s direction can help to restore the blades and stand them up. Artificial grass maintenance is an easy task and can give you back lot's of free time! 


  1. Invest in a good blower and use it regularly - We like the Ego Power Tools Blower Brand

  2. Use a weed treatment 2x per year or when needed. We recommend a 50/50 water-vinegar mix.

  3. Pick up after your pet and rinse down the necessary areas, especially during hot weather. It may be a good idea to proactively use an enzyme cleaner a couple of times a year.

  4. Use a stiff bristled shop broom or power brush to revive the turf blades in high traffic areas.

Most importantly, enjoy your new synthetic turf installation and the extra free time you’ll have!