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Artificial Grass Installation Washington


Why We Love Installing Synthetic Turf in the Northwest Washington Area

The lush, evergreen landscapes of Northwest Washington are iconic, but maintaining a real grass lawn in this region can be a hassle. Enter synthetic turf – the perfect solution for a green, no-fuss lawn year-round. Over the years, our team has become the go-to synthetic turf installation company, and we've had the pleasure of working across the Northwest area of Washington, from the lively streets of Tacoma where we are based to Gig Harbor, Seattle and beyond.

Tacoma: As our base, Tacoma holds a special place in our heart. We've transformed countless yards here with our durable and realistic synthetic turf, providing families with a hassle-free lawn that remains green throughout all seasons.

Gig Harbor: With its coastal charm, Gig Harbor homes benefit immensely from synthetic turf. We've ensured many properties here have eco friendly and antimicrobial synthetic lawns that match the beauty of the harbor, without the muddy mess real grass can bring. We've also installed numerous Gig Harbor turf putting greens that are not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. 

Auburn: Auburn’s diverse landscape, from urban areas to sprawling countryside, is a testament to its growth. Artificial Turf installations in Auburn not only beautify spaces but also provide a sustainable lawn solution for this rapidly expanding community. You might have seen some of our front yard artificial grass installation in Lakeland Hills near Lake Tapps. 

Puyallup: Famous for the Puyallup Fair, this city deserves a lawn that’s as fun and functional as its attractions. We have great landscape turf options and the top dog turf in Puyallup and beyond. Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound has installed playgrounds and putting greens throughout the city of Puyallup and we consider Puyallup our home base. 

Olympia: As the state capital, Olympia boasts grandeur and scenic beauty. Our synthetic turf installations here add to this elegance, requiring little maintenance and offering eco-friendly benefits.

Port Orchard: Nestled on the Kitsap Peninsula, Port Orchard properties shine a little brighter with our synthetic turf. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it also stands up to the region’s varied weather conditions. We've installed artificial grass throughout Mccormick Woods in Port Orchard we're the soils can prove to be tough draining due to their clay qualities. We have synthetic turf products that drain over 900 inches per hour.  

In addition to these major cities, our expertise extends to many neighboring towns within a 50-mile radius of Tacoma, such as:

  • Lacey: Where homeowners have started to embrace the water-saving benefits of synthetic turf.
  • Federal Way: Where commercial and residential spaces alike are going green in a modern way.
  • Bonney Lake: A growing community that's welcoming the lasting beauty of synthetic turf.
  • Lakewood: With its beautiful lakes and parks, synthetic grass installations here make outdoor spaces even more enjoyable.

If you're in the Puget Sound and looking for artificial turf installation near me we're happy to help!

Synthetic turf installation in these cities provides residents with a myriad of benefits. It’s not just about the aesthetics; it's about the economy of time (less maintenance), the conservation of water, and providing a safer, mud-free environment for kids and pet turf spaces.

If you’re in Tacoma or any neighboring city like Gig Harbor, Auburn, Puyallup, Olympia, or Port Orchard, and you’re thinking about making the switch to synthetic turf, know that our team is here to help. Embrace the future of lawns with us!

Happy Spring!

As we welcome the changing of seasons, many of our Pacific Northwest homeowners are coming out of hibernation and wondering how they can enjoy their problem lawns. We at Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound are asked to fix lawns with puddling, standing water, mud, and patchy grass spots. Homeowners notice these problem areas more in April and May as the Spring showers expose the pain points of maintaining grass. It seems like no matter how much reseeding, watering, mowing, and fertilizing, grass still won't grow for them in a cohesive and attractive manner.

An easy and quick solution is synthetic turf. Installation takes a couple of days depending on the size of the yard and most importantly, your yard will look fantastic year-round. Imagine stepping out onto your porch on that first sunny day of the year and being greeted with a beautiful lawn, ready to be enjoyed. That dream can be a reality with Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound, we offer full yard makeovers at an affordable and approachable cost. No longer is time and money wasted on maintaining grass and a yard that still won't look aesthetically pleasing no matter what you do. The yard of your dreams is within reach at Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound. Looking for artificial grass installation no matter the season and ready for the best synthetic turf contact us today!