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Spring Has Sprung!


As we welcome the changing of seasons, many of our Pacific Northwest homeowners are coming out of hibernation and wondering how they can enjoy their problem lawns. We at Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound are asked to fix lawns with puddling, standing water, mud, and patchy grass spots. Homeowners notice these problem areas more in April and May as the Spring showers expose the pain points of maintaining grass. It seems like no matter how much reseeding, watering, mowing, and fertilizing, grass still won't grow for them in a cohesive and attractive manner.

An easy and quick solution is synthetic turf. Installation takes a couple of days depending on the size of the yard and most importantly, your yard will look fantastic year-round. Imagine stepping out onto your porch on that first sunny day of the year and being greeted with a beautiful lawn, ready to be enjoyed. That dream can be a reality with Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound, we offer full yard makeovers at an affordable and approachable cost. No longer is time and money wasted on maintaining grass and a yard that still won't look aesthetically pleasing no matter what you do. The yard of your dreams is within reach at Synthetic Turf of Puget Sound. Looking for artificial grass installation no matter the season and ready for the best synthetic turf contact us today!