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Sand Infill Options For Artificial Grass

Artificial turf has become a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses in the Seattle/ Tacoma area looking for a low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly alternative to natural grass. While the turf itself is a key component of any installation, the infill material used can also have a significant impact on the performance and longevity of the turf. Crushed rock typically is what goes under artificial turf, sand infill is spread on top to help keep the turf fibers upright. In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of infill available for synthetic turf installations and discuss their pros and cons.

Silica Sand

Silica sand is a very commonly used infill material, but it has a few drawbacks that make it less than ideal for certain applications. One major concern with silica sand is the toxic dust it creates. Additionally, silica sand does not provide the same level of cushioning and support as other infill materials, which can be a concern for athletes and those using the turf for recreational activities. Silica sand can also be more prone to weed growth and can hold on to pet odors.


One type of infill material that has gained popularity in recent years is Envirofill. Envirofill is a superior choice for all types of infill material. Made of green silicone dioxide granules, Envirofill uses Microban's antimicrobial technology to create a sterile environment that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It is particularly popular for use in playgrounds and sports fields, but is a great choice for any artificial turf installation where the transmission of bacteria is a concern. Envirofill is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic option that is safe for both humans and pets. It also provides excellent drainage and helps to keep the turf surface cool, making it a great choice for areas with high foot traffic. If you're looking for the best sand for artificial turf, this is it! Envirofill combined with a durable and shorter pile height is the best dog friendly artificial grass combination. 

Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is a type of infill made from recycled rubber tires. While it was once a popular choice for synthetic turf installations, it has largely been replaced by newer, more environmentally-friendly options. Crumb rubber has been linked to a number of health concerns and is not as effective at controlling bacteria and fungi growth as some of the newer infill materials on the market. We prefer to avoid using crumb rubber on our installs when possible.

When choosing an infill material for your synthetic turf installation, it's important to consider the specific needs of your project. Envirofill is a great choice for those looking for an antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and environmentally-friendly option, while silica sand may be suitable for some applications but may not be the best choice for areas where pets are present. Silica sand can also be a good option for a sand filled putting green. Crumb rubber, while once a popular choice, is now considered outdated for most applications and may not be the best choice due to potential health and environmental concerns.